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Discounted Denture Reline Materials

Superior quality denture reliner kit and denture soft reline material

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Vitrebond Plus Clicker 2/pk - 3M ESPE

Vitrebond Plus is a light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base
Vitrebond Plus provides the major benefits of glass ionomer cements including adhesion to the tooth structure and sustained fluoride release. In addition, Vitrebond Plus offers a combination of a working time of just 2 minutes 30 seconds with a short light-cure setting time of 20 seconds.

CoePak Hard & Fast - GC America

Contains: 90 gram Tube each Base and Catalyst.

Coe-Pak Regular - GC America

Contains: 90 gram Tube each Base and Catalyst.

Coe-Soft Professional Pkg - GC America

Coe-Soft Professional Pkg by GC America is a resilient, self-curing reline material that is used when the patient requires a soft, temporary liner in upper or lower dentures. COE-SOFT polymerizes in or out of the mouth in approximately 15 minutes. The reline will normally last for approximately 3 months.

Kooliner Reline Complete - GC America

Kooliner Reline Complete by GC America is a hard, chairside reliner that has been formulated for reduced exothermic heat. This product can completely self-cure in the patient's mouth in approxmately 10 minutes.

Contains: 3 oz. Powder, 2 oz. Liquid and Accessories.

New Truliner® - Bosworth

PEMA formula was developed to restore a denture’s original fit in as little as 10 minutes. Hard Reline Material.

Original Truliner® - Bosworth

A PMMA chairside denture reline material formulated to last the life of the denture. Hard Reline Material.