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Endo Irrigation Combo Needles - MARK3

Endo Irrigation Combo Needles by MARK3 is a disposable, sterile luer lock needle/syringe combination used for irrigating tooth canals.

Contains: 100 X 3 cc luer-lock endo irrigation syringes packaged with 100 X 1” bendable monoject style (notched) needle tips. Color coded for easy identification.

Compares to: Monoject Endo Irrigation needles.
From $27.95

K-Files 6/pk - MARK3

MARK3 K-Files are strong, stainless steel K-files, with color coded stoppers. A smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation. Available in 45 different sizes.

CE and FDA certified, and passed quality systems test.

Contains: 6 Files per pkg

Compares to: K-Files by SybronEndo

From $5.49

Luer-Lock Endo Irrigation Syringes - Cargus

Ideal for surgical site irrigation and compatible with all luer style needles and hubs. Disposable, non-sterile.
From $8.49

Pulp Canal Sealer - SybronEndo

Pulp Canal Sealer is a zinc oxide eugenol sealer that has a powder base and liquid catalyst. It is a nontoxic and non-irritating formulation that is very radiopaque and has a long history of clinical success.
From $129.95

Sealapex - Kerr

Sealapex is the original non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymeric root canal sealer.

Tubliseal - Kerr

10 Gm. Tube Base, 3.5 Gm. Tube Accelerator and Mixing Pad

RC Prep - Root Canal Prep - Premier

Buy any 3 packages of RC-Prep, get one of equal or lesser value free

RC Prep by Premier Root Canal Preparation Cream Dental for For Chemo-Mechanical Preparation of Root Canals.

From $13.49

Gutta Percha Points – Meta

120 per pack
From $5.99

Gutta Percha Points Vials – Meta

120 per pack
From $5.99

Absorbent Paper Points – Meta

Absorbent Paper Points – Meta Sterilized and hand rolled for extra absorbantcy.

Contains: 200 per pack

From $5.99