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Picture of Formula 2000 Plus Cleaner – Air Techniques


  • Introducing our new and improved chemistry, Formula 2000 Plus. Formula 2000 Plus is a non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning concentrate that effectively removes deposits and stains from roller transports, processors and dip tanks.
  • Formula 2000 Plus can be used with all A/T 2000 and Peri-Pro models.
  • Every 3 months use Formula 2000 Plus to deep clean all Peri-Pro and A/T 2000 Processors. 
  • This powerful two-part cleaner dissolves deposits in minutes with its effervescent action


Formula 2000 Plus Cleaner – Air Techniques

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Pack of 2 Bottles
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43945 Formula 2000 Plus Cleaner – Air Techniques
43965 Spray 2000 – Air Techniques
Formula 2000 Plus is a cleaning concentrate that is both non-toxic and non-hazardous. The purpose is to remove the deposits and stains from dip tanks, roller transport and processors. The dissolve deposits in no time with the action of this two-part cleaner. A regular use and maintenance of your Film Processor with Formula 2000 Plus makes sure that you get best quality radiographs with the longest service life.

The new and improved chemistry formula in the pack of 2 Bottles makes for maximum cleaning efficiency along with ease-of-use. It can be used with all A/T 2000 and Peri-Pro models which need to be cleaned every three months with Formula 2000 Plus Cleaner. The powerful and effervescent action of the cleaner dissolves the deposits in minutes and gets rid of stubborn dirt or deposits and even algae. Any embedded stains are also removed and reduced.

Use Formula 2000 Plus that is environmentally safe. It is non-abrasive, no dichromates or other heavy metals. As a dentist you should realize that a regular maintenance of your processor with the right quality products will ensure best quality radiographs plus a longer service life. All Air Techniques’ products fro maintenance do not contain any heavy metals and are environmentally safe.