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Waterline Cleaners

Reliable dental waterline cleaners can ensure that your system works smoothly, allows for the water pressure to be maintained and adds to the life of the equipment. We at Dental Deals Online bring to you a water line cleaning system that does all of this. The dentist water cleaning system tablets that we offer are very easy to use. Simply add the dental waterline cleaner to the water bottle and the product will work silently, without any additional efforts on your part. Save yourself the headache of cleaning the machine repeatedly by simply using our water cleaners and enjoy your new, clean water.

Purity - Waterline Cleaning Tablets 60/bx - Cory Labs

Purity Waterline Cleaner is a safe and effective procedure to maintain clean dental unit waterlines.

Compares to: Blutab.


BluTab WaterlineTablets

BluTab is specially formulated to be continuously present in your water lines and to keep lines clean. An effervescing tablet is added to a self contained water bottle each time it is refilled. Weekly shock treatments are not necessary. Purging water lines at the end of the work day is not necessary. Achieving clean water can really be that easy.
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