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Veneer Systems

Create a veneer in minutes with the ProVeneer™ System, without preformed veneers or CadCam. This veneer system includes patent pending Smile Preview Veneers and cosmetic dentistry marketing system to expand your bread and butter cosmetic dentistry practice in one month. Discover what makes this product an innovation in veneer systems and why dentists and patients prefer it over all others.

ProVeneer - In Office Veneer System - Silmet Dental

Silmet, the developer and manufacturer of ProVeneer joined forces with the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry to bring to the dental industry a new approach for preparing in office veneers. Thanks to ProVeneer, dentists can now create a single veneer in 15 minutes or less in one visit, with natural looking results at an affordable price. In just 2 minutes, ProVeneers’ patent pending Smile Preview Veneer System pre-qualifies patients, without preformed veneers, and assures gorgeous results.

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