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Vac Attak 800/gm Cleaner - Premier

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Product Information

Vac Attak™ is an evacuation system cleaner that uses an organic bleach component for removing debris and bioburden from evacuation lines.

Manufacturer: Premier Dental
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9011101 Vac Attak 800/gm Cleaner - Premier
Price starting at $53.95


Vac Attak 800/gm Cleaner -  Premier

 Unique combination of chelation chemistry and concentrated organic chlorine is significantly more effective than enzymatic cleaners in removing debris and bio-burden from evacuation lines. Vac Attak is especially effective on prophy paste and fluoride gels, the two most common causes of blocked lines. 

  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable and noncorrosive to metals
  • Nonfoaming formula is safe for use with all evacuation pumps
  • Easy to use, fresh lemon scent
  • 800 g jar provides up to 100 cleanings

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