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Tray Adhesives

We understand that a tray adhesive compound plays an important part in dentistry. These bite tray adhesives must be of a certain quality in order to hold things together. We at Dental Deals Online have ensured that the bite tray adhesive products we offer meet these high standards, therefore the success rate of your practice is never compromised. You will find that the dental adhesives products that we offer are manufactured by established brands known for the high quality of their products. Once you shop with us, you are sure to be back for more.

VPS Tray Adhesive 10ml - MARK3

MARK3 VPS Tray Adhesive forms a strong bond between VPS impression material and tray. Easy to apply with the applicator included.

Compares to: Caulk Tray Adhesive


Hold Adhesive- Waterpik

Hold™ Tray Adhesive provides that extra confidence. Available in liquid or aerosol spray. Not recommended for use with elastomeric impression materials.

From $19.95

Polyether Tray Adhesive Impregum – 3M ESPE

VPS Tray Adhesive by 3M ESPE is specifically designed for superior adhesion between the VPS impression material and the tray. Impregum-F Tray Adhesive is especially effective with Permadyne polyether impression material, a hydrophilic, thixotropic material.

Contains: 17ml bottle

Universal VPS Adhesive- GC America

Universal VPS Adhesive - GC America - Use the Universal VPS Adhesive with all EXA Impression Materials.

TAC Adhesive Spray 3.5Oz 3.5oz/Bt - Bosworth

TAC™ is a tray adhesive compound available in convenient spray cans or brush-on liquid for use with alginate impression materials. TAC™ securely holds the alginate in the tray when the impression is removed from the patient’s mouth. TAC™ is alcohol-based for faster drying and easier clean-up and can be dissolved with Isopropyl Alcohol.

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