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Your search for good quality anesthetic topicals, at competitive prices, ends with us. Dental Deals Online brings to you topical anesthetics from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Our anesthetic topical gels come in several fruity flavors and are known for their quick action. Each topical anesthetic product is company sealed and packaged to minimize waste. Go through the range of anesthetics topicals and make a more informed purchase. We also have a customer care team that you can call or fax in case you require any added assistance.

MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz/Jar (Buy 5, get 1 Free)

MARK3 Topical Gel has improved flavor which results in the patient salivating less, therefore the effects of the topical last longer. Mark3 topical also has a thicker smoother consistency which makes it easier to apply. Can be used to comfort patients with ulcers, wounds and other minor mouth irritations. It also eliminates the gag reflex when performing radiographs, periodontal, and prosthetic impressions. - 20% Benzocaine

Contains: 1oz Topical Anesthetic.

Compares to: Hurricaine, Comfortcaine, Gumnumb, Kolorz, Gingicaine, Denticare, Topex.

From $4.99

Topicale Anesthetics - Premier

Topicale® Topical Anesthetic Gel is used on areas of injection and/or prior to scaling and curettage to alleviate patient discomfort.
From $13.50

Topicale Xtra 1oz Anesthetic Gel - Premier

Topicale® Xtra is a topical anesthetic gel with a 20% benzocaine formulation for rapid 10-second onset of surface anesthesia of soft tissue.
From $7.49
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