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Temporary Filling Material

We carry the temporary filling material products that every dental practice needs. Whether it's Z.O.E or Cavit from 3M/ESPE you will find exactly what you need at a price that is below what others in the dental supply market place are offering. If you need any assistance when placing your order for dental filling materials, or we do not list a particular product you have purchased elswhere you can call our custom service department and speak to one of our extremely knowledgable agents and get the answers you are looking for. In most cases we can special order any product that is currently advertised in the dental supply market. We also have the easiest, least complicated and fastest website in the dental supply industry. So start ordering today and save time and money on your temporary filling materials and on all of your dental supply needs.

Reinforced Z.O.E. Cement (IRM) 50gm. Powder 15ml. Liquid - MARK3

Reinforced Z.O.E. Cement from MARK3 is a polymer reinforced zinc oxide eugenol material good for temporary fillings or as a base.

Compare to: IRM


Cavit G 28gm Jar - 3M ESPE

Cavit G is a light-cured temporary sealing compound is intended for temporary restoration of cavities. It is simple to apply with a filling instrument and cures void free in a moist environment. Slight expansion of the filling material ensures a well-sealed margin. Cavit-G is for inlay preparation removable completely without burs.


Cavit Pink - 3M/ESPE

1 -28gm jar

Cavit temporary filling material. A self-curing, radiopaque temporary restorative with an extreme surface hardness for sealing endodontically treated preparations.
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