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Temporary Cements

Most dentists and dental professionals are familiar with Tempbond temporary dental cement manufactured by Kerr Dental. Tempbond has been a mainstay in the dental supply industry for years, and Noble Dental offers the Tempbond product at an extremely competitive price. We maintain a full inventory of Kerr Tempbond and ship the same day of order.  

Alternatively, we have tested temporary cement products from Pulpdent and Pacdent – and determined that they meet our quality and value standards. These products are equal to the reliability of Tempbond by Kerr but at a significantly lower price point. 

Temporary cements are essential for every dental practice. As always, Noble Dental is committed to supplying dentists across the country with high-quality clinical supplies at exceptionally low prices.

TempBond - Kerr

TempBond™ is a temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. TempBond and TempBond™ NE are available in automix syringe, tube delivery and Unidose. Temp-Bond withstands mastication, seals the temporary restoration and prevents seepage, yet affords easy removal when desired. Temp-Bond NE is a non-eugenol temporary dental cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries. Resin-based Temp-Bond™ Clear with Triclosan is the most translucent provisional cement in the market, ensuring superior esthetics. Available in a convenient automix syringe, it offers a dual cure for added security and flexibility, ease of handling, excellent mechanical retention, and easy removal from preparations.

From $36.99

PolyCarb Waterset - Pulpdent

PolyCarb Waterset from Pulpdent is a Anhydrous Polycarboxylate Cement. This non-irritating, water activated polycarboxylate cement has the polyacrylic acid component Incorporated into the powder. Just add water and mix

Contains - 60 gm powder, dropper bottle, mixing pad, scoop

PacTemp Automix NE - Pacdent

PacTemp Automix NE by Pacdent is a non-eugenol resin based temporary cement. Supplied in an easy-to-use automix dual barrel syringe with 15 HP mixers.

From $21.59
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