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Temporary Cements

When it comes to the quality of temporary dental cement, we at Dental Deals Online can truly boast of offering the best. Our temporary crown cement material is of the highest quality, which is what makes it so popular with our buyers. In terms of pricing too, you will find that we offer the best deals on dental temporary cement. We have a large stock of temporary cement for crowns and can take care of your bulk orders hassle-free. When buying temporary tooth cement and other temporary cavity filling material, please feel free to contact our customer care team for added assistance. You can place your orders for temporary cement and other temporary tooth filler here online, by phone or fax, for added convenience.

TempBond - Kerr

TempBond™ is a temporary cement for trial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. TempBond and TempBond™ NE are available in automix syringe, tube delivery and Unidose. Temp-Bond withstands mastication, seals the temporary restoration and prevents seepage, yet affords easy removal when desired. Temp-Bond NE is a non-eugenol temporary dental cement that will not inhibit the polymerization of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries. Resin-based Temp-Bond™ Clear with Triclosan is the most translucent provisional cement in the market, ensuring superior esthetics. Available in a convenient automix syringe, it offers a dual cure for added security and flexibility, ease of handling, excellent mechanical retention, and easy removal from preparations.
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IRM Ivory Complete Package - Dentsply

IRM Intermediate Restorative material by Dentsply is designed for intermediate restorations intended to remain in place for up to one year. The eugenol content in the polymer-reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol composition gives the material sedative like qualities on hypersensitive tooth pulp and is a good thermal insulator as well. IRM may also be used as a base under cements and restorative materials that do not contain resin components, such as amalgams, and inlays and onlays. Among the many other applications are: emergency placement prior to complete treatment, endo access openings, pedo teeth that will soon exfoliate, and caries management programs. Its strength properties approach those of zinc phosphate cement. Other physical-related clinical advantages include: excellent abrasion resistance good sealing properties and low solubility. This material is available in an ivory shade via capsule or a powder liquid hand-mix delivery.

Kit Contains: 38Gm Powder & 14mL Liquid.


PolyCarb Waterset - Pulpdent

PolyCarb Waterset from Pulpdent is a Anhydrous Polycarboxylate Cement. This non-irritating, water activated polycarboxylate cement has the polyacrylic acid component Incorporated into the powder. Just add water and mix

Contains - 60 gm powder, dropper bottle, mixing pad, scoop

PacTemp Automix NE - Pacdent

A non-eugenol resin based temporary cement. Supplied in an easy-to-use automix dual barrel syringe with 15 HP mixers.
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