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SS White

The name SS White is synonymous with dentistry in the United States. The glorious history of SS White Burs began in 1844 when Samuel Stockton White opened up his business in Philadelphia, PA. To aid in distribution of products and stimulate communication with dentist customers, retail stores were opened: New York (1846), Boston (1850), Brooklyn (1852), and Chicago (1858). Finding this method inadequate to keep up with demand, the firm then established a system of selling to dealers which could reach dentists at considerable distances and provide them with services they needed. The growth of SS White is directly related to Dr. White's determination to improve his chosen profession. He encouraged doctors to communicate ideas freely with him, resulting in many innovations and a business philosophy that is the foundation of the company, even today. SS White is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture of dental burs, both carbide burs and diamond burs. Contact the expert customer care team at Dental Deals Online for more information on SS White and for helping placing your next discount order.
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