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Slow speed handpieces

When looking for a high end yet affordable dental slow speed handpiece, you will find that we at Dental Deals Online have a very good selection. Each slow speed hand piece is selected with attention to detail, including its durability, grip comfort, rotation smoothness and pricing. This is why we are able to offer some of the very best dental slow speed handpieces at highly competitive rates. You can trust that our selection of slow speed handpieces have been tested extensively and are some of the very best on the market.

Slow Speed Midwest Type Handpiece Attachments - Johnson Promident

Compares to Midwest in quality but not in price.

From $51.99

Slow Speed NSK/ "E" Type Handpiece Attachments- Johnson Promident

Slow Speed NSK/ "E" Type Handpieces by Johnson Promident are designed for durable and reliable performance. They have excellent combination of price and performance.

From $11.99

Star Titan Handpiece Attachments|Johnson Promident|Dental Supplies

Slow Speed Star Type handpiece attachments are fully interchangeable and compatible with Star® Titan® low speed systems

Compares to Star at a fraction of the cost.

From $34.99
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