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How to Save 30-50% on Dental Supplies

it's fast, easy and convenient

Step 1

You send us your dental supply invoices using the methods below.

Step 2

We examine your invoice to determine how to save you at least one-third on Dental Supplies.

Step 3

With our proposal in-hand, you decide whether you want to follow our recommendations or not.
You have NOTHING to lose except one-third of your costs on Dental Supplies
Dental Deals Online is a family-owned and operated company with 30 years of experience Please see videos from loyal customers below

Option 1

Fax your invoices to:

Option 2

Take a picture of, or scan, your invoices and share them with us at:

What Our Customers Say

We've been with Dental Deals (Online) for about 10 years
..Dental Supply bill is about $5,000 a month
where if I were to use any of the major suppliers, it would easily be about $10,000 a month
Dr Rafael Caniza
Piermont Dental

We feel as though, our acoount manager,
Anthony, is an extended member of our family
By ordering from Dental Deals Online, we know we save, as opposed to Henry Schein or Patterson, from approximately $2 to 3,000 a month
Dr. Joseph Dumanski
Pride Dental Group

What Our Customers Say