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Retraction Materials

Buy retraction materials and hemostatic solutions at lowest price ever. We offer all types of hemodent liquid products all under one roof. Dental Deals Online specializes in making it easy to purchase all your retraction materials online at wholesale prices. We offer the best prices on equipment for preventative, restorative, endodontic, cosmetic, orthodontics, periodontal and pediatric dentistry. Ensuring that your dental practice gets the best deals on all disposable dental supplies as well as everything you’d need for routine procedures like root canals, fillings, bridges, preventive education, bonding, crowns, veneers, & contouring and reshaping

Hemostat Hemostatic Solution 30cc - MARK3

Hemostat 30cc by MARK3 effective stops minor gingival bleeding.

Compares to: Hemodent


Expasyl – Kerr

Expasyl by Kerr is a Temporary Gingival Retraction System.
From $279.95

FS Hemostatic- Premier

Ferric Sulfate Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid
From $20.95

Premier Hemodent Liquid - Premier

Premier Hemodent Liquid by Premier contains buffered Aluminum Chloride Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid. Hemodent™ effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. It contains no epinephrine to help avoid cardiac reactions. Hemodent is stable and offers a long shelf life.

From $15.49

Retraction Caps - Premier

Anatomic formed cotton caps work synergistically with Traxodent to quicken and assist retraction and hemostasis

From $20.25

Traxodent Hemodent Paste – Premier

Traxodent® Hemodent™ Paste Retraction System provides hemostasis and soft tissue management in minutes.

Buy 2 Traxodent Starter, Value or Unit Dose Packs, get 1 of the same FREE
Buy 1 Starter Pack, get 1 Traxodent® Professional Trial Pack FREE (Starter Pack includes 7 syringes; Professional Trial Pack includes 2 syringes)

From $34.49

Gingi Pak MAX Z-Twist

Gingi-Pak MAX Z-Twist Weave is a fourth-generation, state-of-the-art retraction material.

From $12.49

Gingi Pak Soft Twist #1 w/Epi

Gingi-Pak MAX Soft-Twist cord is firmly twisted for easy packing, yet absorbent and adaptable to the sulcus.

From $12.49
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