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Prophy Pastes

We at Dental Deals Online have researched the market thoroughly to bring some of the best dental prophy paste to you. We have handpicked top products like Enamel Pro Prophy Paste that apart from being gluten free are also known for their smooth consistency and easy rinsing. Comparative to Oral B Prophy Paste and other types of prophylaxis paste, we source from top manufacturers like Premier Dental and Mark3. Each paste has been chosen for its added advantages, like fast stain removal, extra ACP and even prevention of dental caries. All of these add up to make Dental Deals Online the best bet for prophy pastes.

Prophy Paste 200/pk - MARK3

Prophy Paste by MARK3 features a nonsplatter formula that contains 1.23% acidulated phosphate sodium fluoride with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents. Mark3 Prophy Paste maximizes stain removal while minimizing enamel loss and maintains an effective fluoride level. It strengthens tooth enamel and prevents dental caries. Disposable cups eliminate cross contamination. With our new non-splatter formula and great flavor with no bitter aftertaste.

Contains: 200 per package

Compares to: Nupro, Enamel Pro, Topex, Kolorz, Sparkle.

From $19.95

Ziroxide Classic Prophy Paste 200/pk -Premier

Ziroxide Prophy Paste removes stains fast, especially tobacco, yet leaves enamel with a high gloss.

Contains 200 cups per box
From $50.95

Ziroxide Prophy Paste 1lb Jar - Premier

Ziroxide Prophy Paste removes stains fast, especially tobacco, yet leaves enamel with a high gloss

Contains 1-lb Jar
From $32.49

Enamel Pro Prophy Paste 200/bx- Premier

Enamel Pro Prophy Paste- Premier is the only prophy paste formulated to deliver ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate). ACP stimulates remineralization of tooth enamel. ACP reacts with saliva to release calcium and phosphate ions, filling in the surface defects. ACP delivers a more lustrous enamel surface. Smooth consistancy and gluten-free with great taste.

Buy any 3 boxes of Enamel Pro Prophy Paste, get 1 box Free. (VanillaMint medium sent unless otherwise requested.)

From $50.95

Glitter Prophy Paste 200/Bx-Premier

Glitter™ is a smooth, pliable and splatter-free prophy paste that cleans teeth quickly. This prophylaxis paste is available with or without fluoride.
From $29.50
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