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Operative Instruments

The range of dental operative instruments is as vast as their suppliers. However, the trick is to purchase these operative dentistry instruments from a trusted source that is able to guarantee the quality of the product and also offer competitive rates. Dental Deals Online is exactly this and more. We have combed the list of manufacturers to bring to you the best in terms of the material used for each operative dentistry instrument and also the accuracy in their designs. You will be saved the hassle of comparing products, their quality and also their rates. Simply order the choice of dental operative instrument from Dental Deals Online and enjoy the many benefits that we bring to you.

Amalgam Carrier - Premier Dental

Injection molded of a self-lubricanting high-tech plastic, they are excellent for use with composites, glass ionomers and alloys.
From $34.99

Burnisher - Premier Dental

Burnisher - Premier Dental are hand-held dental instruments that smooth and polish dental restorations and remove scratches from amalgam (dental filling material) surfaces, at the end of a dental restoration procedure where the tooth was filled or sculpted to repair it. Burnishers can also be used to shape the composite or glass ionomer cement (GIC) filling before it sets.

From $24.95

Carver - Premier Dental

Thin, flexible blades allow for easy placement and shaping. Dip in bonding agent to avoid composite sticking.
From $23.95

Cord Packer Round and Smooth - Premier Dental

Cord packers are dental instruments used to pack gingival retraction cord into the sulcus. The cord packers with round, nonserrated working ends are used for atraumatic cord placement; serrated cord packers should only be used with braided cord.

From $25.95

Crown Remover - Premier Dental

Ideal for removing provisionally cemented crowns without damaging margins and is less traumatic to the patient.
From $12.75
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