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Miscellaneous A-Z

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Boxing Wax 1Lb - Heraeus Kulzer

Boxing wax is soft wax that easily adapts to impression trays.

From $22.49

Coprwax Bite Wafers 84/Bx - Heraeus Kulzer

Coprwax Bite Wafers are horseshoe-shaped bite registration slips that are made with wax and copper particles throughout.

Contains: 84/bx


Periphery Wax Sticks 60/Bx - Heraeus Kulzer

Periphery Wax Sticks,Surgident® can be used with all types of impression materials for making wax stops, post-damming and lining the periphery of trays. Surgident is a soft, tacky wax that is easily shaped at room temperature.

Contains: Box of 60 Wax sticks


Pic-n-Stic - Pulpdent

Pic-N-Stic from Pulpdent is the original “handle for small objects” has numerous applications from dentistry to model making to replacing hearing aid batteries. The 2” long stick is 2 mm in diameter with an adhesive tip on one end.

Contains - 60 Stics

Denture Storage Boxes Assorted 1-3/4" Deep - Keystone

Made of low density polyethylene, our denture storage boxes make an excellent container for patients with dentures or other dental work, such as an athletic mouthguard. The boxes are 1 3/4-inches (44.4mm) deep, which is able to fit any size denture. The box is strong, protective and lightweight.

Contains: 12 cases
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