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Matrix Materials

Our selection of Martix Bands, Strips and Wedges are available in our Matrix Material category. If you don't find exactly what you need under the Matrix Material category please give us a call at 866-333-6825 or send us an email at We will be happy to source the Matrix product you are looking for and add it to our stock, making sure it is available the next time you are in need of Matrix Materials.

Tofflemire Matrix Bands 36/pk – WaterPik

This surgical grade stainless steel band is carefully stamped for consistently smooth (burr-free) edges that keep your patient comfortable and reduce risk of gingival trauma. Available in a variety of sizes and contours, in both .002 inch and .0015 inch thicknesses.

Contains: 36 per pack
From $6.25

Wizard Wedges 500/bx – WaterPik

Wizard Wedges by WaterPik ensure better access and stable holding of matrix systems during your critical restorative procedures. Specially crafted from birch wood for greater tooth separation and faster, better tooth position recovery upon removal. Available in four sizes.

Contains 500/wedges
From $36.99

Pre-Contoured Metal Matrix Bands- Premier

Premier Dental Pre-contoured Metal Matrix Bands are made of high tensile strength stainless steel. These contoured metal bands add great anatomy to restorations and the finished edges ensure patient comfort.

Sycamore Wedges 400/bx- Premier

Sycamore Wedges 400/bx - Premier's anatomically shaped wedges fit interproximally to support your restoration and provide proper contour.

Contains: 400/Bx
From $37.95

T-Bands Matrix Bands 100/pk - Pulpdent

T-Bands Matrix Bands from Pulpdent are contained matrix bands that do not require matrix retainers.
From $15.25

HO Matrix Bands 100/Pk - Young Dental

The thinest bands on the market! HO Bands are stainless steel and .001" thick in Regular or Dead Soft. The dead soft bands are particularly easy to contour and adapt to any tooth structure. HO Bands also have a unique, one-handed dispensing box that makes them more user-friendly than other choices.
From $32.99
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