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Lidocaine HCL 2% w/ epi Injection - Novocol

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Lidocaine is regarded as the most popular and versatile dental anesthetic formulation, Lidocaine HCL 2% is indicated for the production of local anesthesia for dental procedures by nerve block or infiltration techniques. The formulation is latex-free and amide-based.

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0100 Lidocaine HCL 2% w/ epi Injection 50/pk - Novocol
Price starting at $25.95


Lidocaine HCL 2% w/ epi Injection - Novocol

  • This versatile, widely applicable injection delivers local anesthesia of intermediate duration (pulpal anesthesia of at least 60 minutes and soft   tissue anesthetic of approximately 2-1/2 hours.)
  • Lidocaine is now packaged in easily stackable boxes. 
  • Convenient blister packs protect ampoules from light and air. 



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