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Impression Trays

The use of impression trays in dentistry is common, which is why there is a need to buy from sources where the quality is maintained and the price is reduced. Dental Deals Online is exactly this and more. Our range offers both high quality and affordable metal impression trays as well as plastic impression trays. Both the metal tray and the plastic impression tray have advantages which is why many clinics prefer to buy large stocks of both types of these trays. You will find that any dental impression tray we offer is perfect when it comes to size and pricing.

Disposable Impression Trays 12/pk - MARK3

Disposable Impression Trays by MARK3 have superior retention and a posterior rim lock minimizing secondary flow or gagging. Occlusal surface space minimizer. Finger rest ledges for easier removal from patient. This innovative design ensures material retention. They are for use with alginate or other types of impression materials where detailed reproduction and dimensionally-stable results are vital.

Compares to: Vista Trays, Traten, Trayaway, dentray.

From $5.99

Tray Aways Disposable Impression Trays 12/bg - Bosworth

Tray Aways® - The Original Plastic Tray! Updated throughout the years, used not only in dental but also implant.

From $9.25

Tra-Tens - Disposable Impression Trays 12/bg - Waterpik

Tra-Tens - Disposable Impression Trays are proven over time to be a versatile design which provides extremely accurate impressions, Tra-Tens® impression trays have a unique, fully perforated pattern that enables excellent mechanical retention. Available in nine sizes.

From $9.75
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