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High Performance Mixing Tips

Our high performance mixing tips are exactly what your clinic needs. These genuine Mix-Pac dental mixing tips have been designed with great precision to help make your procedure easier in more ways than one. All of our dental impression mixing tips boast of a high quality and extremely durable material. Review the range of our oral mixing tips and you will find that we have the best deals online and a quality that will have you returning back for your next purchase.

Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk - MARK3

Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk by MARK3 are crown and bridge mixing tips that are used with cartridges that have a 10:1 or 4:1 ratio. Most popularly used with Luxatemp Integrity and Cargus Crown and Bridge Materials.

Compares to: Luxatemp Mixing tips.


Dynamic Penta Red Mixing Tips - Impregum - MARK3

Dynamic Penta Red Mixing Tips -Impregum by MARK3 compare to the 3M Brand Penta Mixing Tips at a fraction of the price.

Contains 50 tips per package

Compares to: Penta Mixing tips


HP Mixing Tips - MARK3

All components of the MIXPAC™ S-System are compatible and proved over 10 years in the Dental industry. Tested products for ideal mixing results, clean room production for a high standard of hygiene and reliable technical solutions offer a high user comfort.

High Performance HP Mixing Tips by Mixpac for dispensing dual cartridges.

Genuine Mixpac Made Tips

From $22.95

Intra Oral Mixing Tips 100/Pk - MARK3

Intra Oral Mixing Tips by MARK3 used for precise and easy dispensing.

From $16.95

Premier Compcore AF Mixing Tips 35-Pk

Premier Compcore AF Mixing Tips 35-Pk Cartridge Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips (35 each)

From $50.95

Premier SyringeMix Mixing Tips 70-Pk

SyringeMix Mix-Tips 70-Pk - Premier

Contains: 35 mixing tips and 35 Intra oral tips
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