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Hemostatic Solutions

Infusor Tips Bent 100/pk - MARK3

Infusor Tips Bent 100/pk by MARK3 are Single use disposable tips. Curved cannula for optimal entry. Soft bristle end allows for nonevasive brushing of solutions. Universal luer lock style hub. Padded brush end. Pre-Bent 19 Gage

Contains: 100 tips

Compares to: Stat-flo tips.


Hemostat Hemostatic Solution 30cc - MARK3

Hemostat 30cc by MARK3 effective stops minor gingival bleeding.

Compares to: Hemodent


Premier Hemodent Liquid - Premier

Premier Hemodent Liquid by Premier contains buffered Aluminum Chloride Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid. Hemodent™ effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. It contains no epinephrine to help avoid cardiac reactions. Hemodent is stable and offers a long shelf life.

From $15.49

FS Hemostatic- Premier

Ferric Sulfate Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid
From $20.95
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