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Glass Ionomers

Dental Deals Online offers reliable and excellent quality glass ionomers at very low rates. When it comes to dental glass ionomer, we have the best to offer in terms of range, quality and even pricing. Our glass ionomer filling material has been duly tested to ensure that only the best products reach our clients. You will find that our glass ionomer dental cement is long lasting and is delivered in very convenient packaging, which makes it easy to store these items, as well as use them. When ordering in bulk, call our customer care team to learn about special discounts on all of our glass ionomer products.

Vitrebond Plus Clicker 2/pk - 3M ESPE

Vitrebond Plus is a light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base
Vitrebond Plus provides the major benefits of glass ionomer cements including adhesion to the tooth structure and sustained fluoride release. In addition, Vitrebond Plus offers a combination of a working time of just 2 minutes 30 seconds with a short light-cure setting time of 20 seconds.
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