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Gels & Foams

The variety of both fluoride foam and fluoride gel in the market is rather extensive, yet not all of these products match up in terms of quality. We at Dental Deals Online bring to you some of the leading fluoride foams and fluoride gels from the industry and ensure that their quality meets your high standards. Most of our fluoride foam and fluoride gel treatment carry an anti-caries ingredient, which means added protection for your patients. Furthermore, our fluoride gels offer a high viscosity which make them easy to use, while its presence of high quality Vitamin E proves exceptionally handy when dealing with patients who suffer from sensitive teeth. These fluoride gels and foams are available in a large variety of flavors like cherry, grape, mint and many more.

MARK3 APF Fluoride Foam 1.23% 4.4oz

APF Fluoride Foam from MARK3 has a dense consistancy that remains in the tray eliminating ingestion and gagging. It contains Xylitol for caries prevention.

Contains - (1) 4.4oz can

Compares to: Nupro APF, Topex, Puff, Pro-Foam.

From $19.95

APF Flouride Gel 17oz - MARK3

APF Flouride Gel by MARK3 for professional topical application as a fluoride treatment to aid in the protection against caries. It also has superior viscosity and exceptional flavoring. It is ideal for 60 second to 4 minute treatments.

Contains: 17oz Bottle

Flouride Gel or Fluoride Gel

Compares to: Enamel Pro, DentiGel, Topex.

From $11.49

Enamelon - Preventative Treatment Gel - Premier Dental

Enamelon - Preventative Treatment Gel helps Prevent Caries, Gingivitis and Treats Sensitivity Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel (970 ppm F) is the new standard of caring. A safe and effective alternative to both 5000 ppm fluoride toothpastes and remineralizing pastes, Enamelon helps to prevent caries, gingivitis and treat sensitivity.
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