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Fluoride Trays

Our fluoride trays have been tested by our team of professionals on various fronts. Not only do we ensure that the material used in making these dental fluoride trays is durable and comfortable, we also pay special attention to the design of these trays. The dual arch fluoride trays offered have inbuilt hinges that allow for easy fitting, so that the patient is able to bite into the trays comfortably. This allows for perfect impressions. Each fluoride tray has been duly tested to ensure that not a single piece in your pack is faulty in any way.

Fluoride Trays Dual Arch 100/bx - MARK3

Dual Arch Foam Fluoride Tray from MARK3 are soft in design for greater patient comfort.

Buy 3 bags of 100 get 1 Free!

Compares to: Topex Dual Arch.

From $16.79
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