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Gone are the days when there was a single variety of dental floss available to us and its quality was not dependable. Today the market is flooded with many types and flavors. We at Dental Deals Online have gone through these products to bring some of the best in terms of caliber and pricing to you. J&J Reach is a prominent name in the market and we have picked out some great products from this manufacturer to offer to you. This includes J&J Reach Dental Flosser, which is an easy to use daily brush floss and Wild Flosser, a kid-friendly alternative available in trial packs and perfect for the pedia section of your clinic.

J&J REACH Dental Floss Trial Size Wild Flosser

Wild Flosser, Trial Size 144/bx - 2bx/cs

J&J REACH Dental Floss Professional Size

Dental Floss, Waxed, Mint, 200 yd, 24 rolls/cs
From $3.95
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