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Finding protective eyewear that is designed to keep the needs of a dentist in mind, is not an easy task. Dentist eyewear is not common, which is why most dental stores don’t house it. However, we at Dental Deals Online have brought high quality dental eyewear right to you. Our dental eye wear has been designed with an understanding that infection control is a huge aspect of good dentist eye wear. Made from high quality fiber, these glasses are guaranteed to help protect dentists from infection issues. Order now and keep your eyes safe from infection.

Econo Wrap – Pro-Vision safety glasses goggles - Palmero

Econo Wrap – Pro-Vision safety glasses goggles by Palmero Health are Feather-weight, low-cost eye protection that offers a universal fit, superior optical quality and unsurpassed protection. Features a sleek, compact design. Perfect for patient and staff use. Fog-free and scratch-resistant.
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