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Evacuation System Cleaners

Superior evacuation system cleaners guaranteed to keep your lines running free and clear at maximum suction. These dental evacuation products are available in both time-released tablets and highly concentrated liquid formulas, which have been clinically proven to clean lines and discourage future build-up of odor-causing bacteria. To function at peak efficiency the evacuation system cleaner formulas have been pre-measured for easy use. Comparable to Purevac Evacuation System Cleaner and Bio-Pure Evacuation Cleaner, our inventory of evacuation cleaners are economically priced and offer exceptional results.

Evac Shock Evacuation Cleaner 32oz. - Cory Labs

Evac Shock Evacuation Cleaner 32oz by Cory Labs is an effective Dental Evacuation Line Cleaner.

Compares to: Purevac, Biotrol Vacusol, Vac Attack.

From $29.95

Evac Shock Tablets 64/bx - Cory Labs

Evac Shock Tablets 64/bx by Cory Labs is a Enzymatic Evacuation System Cleaner -

Contains: 64 Tablets per box

Compares to: Vacuum Clean Tablets.


Vacuum Clean Tablets 45/Bt - Palmero

The one-two punch for evacuation system maintenance, together in one convenient kit. Complete with one jar of Vacuum Shock, one jar of Vacuum Clean and one Pour and Clean bottle for premixing

Vacuum Shock Tablets 6/Bt - Palmero

The first stage in the Palmero 2-step system. Keep vacuum lines clean and extend pump life. Time-released tablet. Economical –use only one tablet every month. Clinically proven to keep your vacuum lines free of odor-causing bacteria and functioning at peak efficiency. 6 tablets/jar

NeutraVac- Biotrol

NeutraVac from Biotrol is a dual action evacuation cleaner that packs a punch!
From $52.95

Vacusol Ultra 32oz Evacuation Cleaner - Bitrol

Vacusol Ultra ™ is a concentrated liquid cleaner that removes both snythetic debris and proteinaceous deposits from dental evacuation lines.
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