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Endodontic Instruments

The dental endodontic instruments we offer at Dental Deals Online have been carefully selected to bring you the latest in technology and proficiency. They have been put through a long trial of tests and perfected so that they are able to deliver precise readings. You will find that these instruments are developed while considering the comfort of the user, accessibility and visibility. All these advantages combine to make us the leading online supplier of your next dental endodontic instrument. Order now and enjoy these many benefits.

Excavator Double Ended - Premier Dental

Excavators from Premier Dental are double end instruments used for the removal of carious dentin. Excavators are equipped with either an Octagonal or Tactile Balance Handle.

From $21.95

Pluggers - Premier Dental

Condensation pressure is directed to gingival and acclusal areas not angulated towards the matrix bands. This is especially important when the operator is seated, because the dentist does not have to contort witht eh instruments to get packing thrust.

From $21.95
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