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Dispensing Guns

We at Dental Deals Online understand that when it comes to a dental impression gun, you expect accurate impressions and great prices. Our VPS Dispensing Gun and bite impression supplies help dental professionals save time and money every time! You are sure to experience an easier time with our dispensing guns and with every purchase you will save on our entire inventory of dental impression equipment and dental impression supplies. Whether its a dental impression kit or vps impressions supplies, we will do our best to source the top brands and provide them at the best prices.

Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 - MARK3

Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 is used to dispense most crown and bridge materials including, MARK3, Luxatemp and Integrity.

VPS Dispensing Gun 1:1 Cargus

VPS Impression Dispensing Gun 1:1 & 2:1 Ratio Type 50.
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