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With a huge range of dental desensitizers available in the market, choosing the right desensitizer dental product can be a big problem. If you are looking for a quick way to ensure good quality and low prices on dentist desensitizer products, then Dental Deals Online is the answer. We carry everything from Gluma Dentin Desensitizer to the popular MARK3 Desensitizer. Our customer care team will be happy to assist you in purchasing the best dental desensitizer at an affordable price.

MARK3 Dentin Desensitizer 10ml (Buy 2, Get 1 FREE)

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE)

MARK3 Dentin Desensitizer is a superior desensitizing agent that can be placed under dental cements or other restorative materials, temporary, provisional or final. It can be used in all restorative procedures where work in done in dentin. It has been shown to improve bonding strengths when used as a wetting agent, as compared to water.

Does NOT contain Glutaraldehyde, a strong toxic irritant.

Compares to: Gluma, Hurriseal, Micro Prime.


Gluma Desensitizer 5ml - Heraeus Kulzer

Gluma Desensitizer - Heraeus Kulzer is a simple, one-step chairside procedure for treating and preventing dentin hypersensitivity.
Gluma is the most well-known and trusted desensitizer in the dental industry world wide. Used in over 50 million restorations, Gluma® Desensitizer is preferred over all others for preventing and eliminating hypersensitivity. Just one drop of Gluma is all you need and the results are fast and effective. No mixing, no curing and no repetitive steps. The well-known American test institute "REALITY" has commended GLUMA® Desensitizer by awarding it the Reality's choice five star award, the best grade. The testers particularly emphasized the fact that clinical studies have confirmed the long term efficacy, and their tests show it was the only product to have both a positive effect on bond strength and decrease microleakage when used with both test adhesives (Reality 2009).


Pac Desensitizer™ - Pacdent

1-step solution to minimize dentin or post-operative sensitivities.

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