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Crown and Bridge

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Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk - MARK3

Crown and Bridge Mixing Tips 10:1 Blue Fine 25/pk by MARK3 are crown and bridge mixing tips that are used with cartridges that have a 10:1 or 4:1 ratio. Most popularly used with Luxatemp Integrity and Cargus Crown and Bridge Materials.

Compares to: Luxatemp Mixing tips.


Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 - MARK3

Dispensing Gun 10:1- 4:1 is used to dispense most crown and bridge materials including, MARK3, Luxatemp and Integrity.

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge 50ml 10:1 Cartridge

MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge material is strong and durable for short and long lasting provisionals. It has excellent mechanical and esthetic properties which makes it quick and easy to use.

Contains 1- 50/ml (75gm) Cartridge plus 10 Mixing Tips

Compares to: Luxatemp, Protemp, Integrity, Temphase.

From $99.49

Getz Blue Core Crown Build-up Material- Waterpik

Getz® Blue Core Crown Build-up material is a small particle, radiopaque, light-cured composite material that cures to a depth of 6 millimeters in 30 seconds.

Luxacore Dual & Smartmix - DMG

The LuxaCore Dual is a revolutionary new dual-cure version of LuxaCore.
From $134.95

Luxaflow Ultra - DMG

LuxaFlow Ultra is the ideal add-in resin for use with Luxatemp Ultra.

Contains: (2)- 1.5g Syringes, w/10 tips.

From $42.99

Luxatemp Automix Plus - DMG

Luxatemp Automix Plus by DMG for Temporary crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, veneers and long term temporaries.

From $179.99

Luxatemp Ultra Cartridge 76gm- DMG

Luxatemp Ultra makes it fast and easy to craft temporaries that fit precisely, thanks to its superior handling characteristics. The material has optimal flow characteristics, cuts and handles easier, and cures faster. Convenient Automix and Smartmix systems simplify the mixing and the application process.
From $184.99

Protemp 4 Garant Refill Pack - 3M ESPE

Protemp 4 Plus Garant Refill Pack - 3M ESPE is a bis-acrylic temporization material that offers higher strength than its predecessors, while maintaining the important Protemp family attributes: precision fit, outstanding esthetics, biocompatibility, and easy handling and application.
Contains 1 67gm Cartridge & 16 Garant mixing tips

From $116.95

Miracle Mix Glass Ionomer Cement - GC America

Miracle Mix Glass Ionomer Cement- Refill Kit by GC America has a combination of silver alloy and glass ionomer that gives it improved physical properties for the use in occlusal restorations and core build-up.
From $99.99

Hardcore Pulpdent

HardCore is a super-strong, 2-paste restorative for building up broken down teeth.

From $45.95
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