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Cleaners & Lubricants

Professional, industrial strength, dental cleaners and lubricants. Our sourcing staff at Dental Deals Online, have thoroughly tested and selected only the most effective dental cleaner products for you. Our handpiece lubricant and dental handpiece cleaner are very popular with clinics due to their exceptional work-rate and superior results. With discounted sprays, creams and dental handpiece lubricant, you can now save on upfront costs and long-term costs, by preserving the value of your dental equipment and tools. Browse through our list below and pick a dental cleaner of preference. Place your order and enjoy the many advantages of these dental cleaning products.

Brite Shield Instrument Cleaner 800gm - Premier

Brite Shield™ is a static soak and ultrasonic cleaner that chemo-mechanically cleans clogged dental burs and removes alginate and stone from impression trays

Vac Attak 800/gm Cleaner - Premier

Vac Attak™ is an evacuation system cleaner that uses an organic bleach component for removing debris and bioburden from evacuation lines.

DCL-90 Spray Lubricant/Cleaner - Johnson Promident

Universal Handpiece Lubricant and Cleaning Spray.
Cotains -(1) 8 oz. Spray Can

Premium Handpiece Lubricant and Cleaning Spray - Johnson Promident

Premium Handpiece Lubricant and Cleaning Spray is the perfect choice for maintaining your handpieces.

Compares to Kavo Spray
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