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Bite Wing Tabs

Our experts at Dental Deals Online have sourced the most ideal bite wing tabs available. From FLAPS® by Microcopy featuring stick-on film holding tabs and soft plastic comfortable foam, to the Bitewing Tabs by Temrex designed with quickly inserting film inserts and scored loops, and the ever popular Cargus brand bitewing tab - we have you covered - no pun intended! Experience the perfection for each of these self-adhesive, self-important film positioning aids, during every applicable xray. These bite wing tabs can be affixed to the film packet for added convenience and you will love the packaging of the handy dispenser box. Shop all of your bite wing tabs and our other discounted dentist supplies, saving money each and every time.

Bite Wing Tabs Self-Adhesive 500/bx - MARK3

MARK3 Bite Wing Tabs are Self-adhesive tabs to aid in film positioning when taking X-rays. Can be affixed to film packet, packaged in handy dispenser box which is easy to use and store Contains: 500 per box

FLAPS® Film Holding Tabs -Microcopy

Microcopy Film Holding Tabs are flaps made of a soft plastic foam with a self-adhesive side that keeps X-ray film in place. Holder tabs are also great for digital X-ray sensor positioning. Also great for digital X-ray sensor positioning.
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