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Bite Blocks

Cargus dental bite blocks are a disposable bite block specifically designed to greatly reduce the potential of cross-contamination between patients, when using the panoramic x-ray machine. Each dental bite block and pediatric bite block is a unit dose packaged and is intended for single patient use only. Save on every disposable bite block and all bite block dental supplies when you shop at Dental Deals Online. If you need assistance, call our customer care team who will be happy to help you with your order.

Disposable Bite Blocks 100/pk- Mark3

Disposable Bite Blocks 100/pk by Mark3 are designed to replace the permanent bite block found on your panoramic x-ray machine. Each Dispos-a-Bite is unit dose packaged, which enables the bite block to be opened in front of each patient. This assures the patient that the bite block has not been used previously, and is intended for single patient use only.
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