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Articulating Paper & Accessories

Great deals on articulating paper, pressure indicators and PIP paste. Articulating paper MSDS available! Dental Deals Online specializes in making it easy to purchase all your articulating paper dental supplies online at wholesale prices. We offer the best prices on all of your dental supplies including supplies for, restorative, endodontic, cosmetic, orthodontics, periodontal and pediatric dentistry. Ensuring that your dental practice gets the best deals on all of your dental supplies as well as everything you’d need for routine procedures. Start buying your dental supplies from us and start saving today.

Pressure indicator Paste (pip) 2.25oz - Mark3

Pressure indicator Paste (pip) 2.25oz by Mark3 is a unique pressure sensitive material was formulated specifically to fill the great need for an improved material that will show that exact location size, shape and thickness of those pressure areas on dentures that cause pain discomfort or displacement.

Compares to: Sultan, Mizzy, Keystone PIP Paste.


Hydent Indicator Spray - Pascal

Hydent Indicator Spray by Pascal is a Denture high spot indicating paste. Quick, easy, accurate spray · Achieve results in seconds with less mess · Easy to clean with soap and water · Sanitary - minimize cross contamination · Quick and easy re-checks

Occlude Aerosol Powder 23gm/Cn - Pascal

Occlude Aerosol Powder by Pascal is an Aerosol Indicator Marking Spray,Approved for intraoral use, excellent for lab use.
From $17.49

Bausch Articulating Paper

Bausch Articulating Paper with high coloring capacity adapts perfectly to the occlusal surfaces. The occlusal contact points or centric contacts are marked very precisely because of its progressive color transfer. This new addition to the Bausch line is a 100 micron thin paper which is impregnated with hydrophile waxes and pharmaceutical oils. This unique combination with the bonding agent Transculase® enhances detection of high spots on hard to locate surfaces, such as highly polished metals or ceramics.
From $8.39
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