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Articulating Paper

At Dental Deals Online we understand the need to offer our clients the best quality articulating paper dental products. This is why we have offered a free articulating paper msds to our buyers, providing for full product transparency. You can use our site to check the indications of the articulating paper and accessories, while buying in accordance with your needs. We have a customer care team at your disposal to help with the selection of articulating paper & accessories for your dental practice. Simply order online or call us today to enjoy hassle-free, online shopping, for all your articulating paper needs. Save money on your dental purchases from now on!

Bausch Articulating Paper

Bausch Articulating Paper with high coloring capacity adapts perfectly to the occlusal surfaces. The occlusal contact points or centric contacts are marked very precisely because of its progressive color transfer. This new addition to the Bausch line is a 100 micron thin paper which is impregnated with hydrophile waxes and pharmaceutical oils. This unique combination with the bonding agent TransculaseĀ® enhances detection of high spots on hard to locate surfaces, such as highly polished metals or ceramics.
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