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Alginate Impression Material

At Dental Deals Online we offer some of the best dental alginate material to be found in the industry. We understand that quality is of prime importance. If the final alginate castings are not precise, the entire procedure can go south. You will find that all of our alginate impression material has been chosen with great consideration for character of the material. We have taken the precautions to make sure that these alginates have been tested and are known for their prompt results. Buy alginate from our current discounted inventory and allow us to set you up perfectly for providing the best all around alginate casting to your patients.

Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-lb- MARK3

Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-lb by MARK3 has a high algin content, a consistent mix for very smooth models, High tear strength for easy removal from undercuts without tearing, Non-Slump formula for patient comfort and faster setting and mix times providing convenience for both doctor and patient.

Compares to: Jeltrate, Hydrogum, Cavex, Dux, Blu Jel.

Contains: 1.1 Lb per bag


MARK3 Alginate Substitute F.S 50ml Cartridges 8/pk

MARK3 Alginate Substitute is used for dental impresions, orthodonic models, case study model impresions, opposing models, removable retainers and splints, simple removable dentures, provisional crown and bridge.

Compares to: Alginot


Supergel Fast & Regular Set 1lb Can- Bosworth

Supergel® is a premium blended alginate impression material that mixes readily to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Contain (1) 1-lb canister
From $14.49

Supergel Fresh Alginate Fast & Regular Set 1lb -Bosworth

Supergel Fresh Dustless Alginate has all the benefits of our traditional Supergel alginate but is a dust-controlled formula for less airborne particles when opening and mixing. Its slower dehydration and low surface tension provides consistent, accurate, bubble-free detailed reproductions. Pleasing cherry-berry flavor, controlled flow, heavy body, and gag reflex reduction will provide greater patient acceptance
From $14.95

TAC Adhesive Spray 3.5Oz 3.5oz/Bt - Bosworth

TAC™ is a tray adhesive compound available in convenient spray cans or brush-on liquid for use with alginate impression materials. TAC™ securely holds the alginate in the tray when the impression is removed from the patient’s mouth. TAC™ is alcohol-based for faster drying and easier clean-up and can be dissolved with Isopropyl Alcohol.


Kromopan Aligante Dustless Fast Set 1-lb Bag - Lascod

Kromopan Alginate is a chromatic, color changing alginate with long dimensional stability specifically studied for all those application where a longer working time is essential.
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