Monoject Dental Needles 100/bx - Kendall

Monoject standard needles with plastic or metal hub are sterile, single use, latex free and come individually packaged in rigid or soft pack.
Manufacturer: Kendall Healthcare
Item# Size/Type Price Quantity
400058 Monoject Needles 27gage Long Plastic 100/Bx - Kendall
400066 Monoject Needles 27gage Short Plastic 100/Bx - Kendall
401072 Monoject Needles 30gage Short Metal 100/Bx - Kendall
400074 Monoject Needles 30gage Short Plastic 100/Bx - Kendall
401171 Monoject Needles 30gage X-Short Metal 100/Bx - Kendall


Monoject Dental Needles 100/bx - Kendall

  • Tamper-evident heat stake.
  • Self-threading, self aligning universal fit hub design.
  • Ultra sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring lancet point.
  • Anti-coring butt end point design

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