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Microbrush Disposable Applicators

Microbrushes have a patented design with a bendable neck that facilitates precise placement in difficult areas
Manufacturer: Microbrush
Item# Size/Type Price Quantity
PR400 Disposable Applicators Reg. Ass. 400/pk - Microbrush
PF400 Disposable Applicators Fine Ass. 400/pk - Microbrush
MFA400 Disposable Applicators Fine Asstd. 400/pk - Microbrush
MFY400 Disposable Applicators Fine Yellow 400/Pk. - Microbrush
MRA400 Disposable Applicators Reg. Asstd 400/pk - Microbrush
MRB400 Disposable Applicators Regular Blue 400/pk - Microbrush
MRG400 Disposable Applicators Regular Green 400/pk - Microbrush
MRS400 Disposable Applicators Regular Peach 400/pk - Microbrush
MRP400 Disposable Applicators Regular Purple 400/pk - Microbrush
MSF400 Disposable Applicators S-Fine White 400/pk - Microbrush
PSF400 Disposable Applicators S-Fine White 400/pk - Microbrush


Microbrush Applicators bend easily for accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas. Non-linting, non-absorbent fiber tips hold solution in suspension until applied. The applicator comes in a convenient plastic tube for easy dispensing.

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