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Formula 2000 Plus Cleaner – Air Techniques

Pack of 2 Bottles
Manufacturer: Air Techniques
Item# Size/Type Price Quantity
43965 Air Techniques Spray 2000
43945 Formula 2000 Plus Cleaner – Air Techniques



  • Introducing our new and improved chemistry, Formula 2000 Plus. Formula 2000 Plus is a non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning concentrate that effectively removes deposits and stains from roller transports, processors and dip tanks.
  • Formula 2000 Plus can be used with all A/T 2000 and Peri-Pro models.
  • Every 3 months use Formula 2000 Plus to deep clean all Peri-Pro and A/T 2000 Processors. 
  • This powerful two-part cleaner dissolves deposits in minutes with its effervescent action



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