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Picture of Filtek Z-250 Syringe - 3M/ESPE
  • Enhanced optical properties,
  • excellent handling characteristics,
  • rapid curing (20 seconds for a 2.5-mm thickness), and low shrinkage.
  • Bis-GMA (Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether dimethacrylate) and a low-viscosity resin called TEGDMA (tri[ethylene glycol] dimethacrylate).
  • Contains a blend of UDMA (urethane dimethacrylate) and Bis-EMA (Bisphenol A polyethylene glycol diether dimethacrylate) in place of TEGDMA.
  • This resin blend has a higher molecular weight that is said to reduce the polymerization shrinkage as well as reduce aging effects and increase fracture toughness.
  • Hydrophobic and, therefore, less sensitive to atmospheric moisture.
  • Filled to 60 percent by volume with zirconia/silica particles having a size range of 0.01 to 3.5 microns and an average size of 0.6 micron.
  • Compared to Z100, Z250 contains a greater number of smaller particles.

Filtek Z-250 Syringe - 3M/ESPE

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Item # Size/Type Price Qty
1370A1 Shade -A1
1370A2 Shade -A2
1370A3 Shade -A3
1370A3.5 Shade -A3.5
1370A4 Shade -A4
1370B1 Shade -B1
1370B2 Shade -B2
1370B3 Shade -B3
1370C2 Shade -C2
1370D3 Shade -D3